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Posted by on 19 04 13 in Black Hair Growth |

How to Grow Fine Textured Hair

How to Grow Fine Textured Hair


Fine textured hair breaks very easily, so this hair type needs a lot of gentle treatment. You know that your hair is fine in texture because the individual strands feels so very thin like a fine thread.  Fine textured hair can be full and bouncy but the touch fine nature of the hair can make you feel discouraged bout it growing long because it breaks so easily.

One advantage of fine textured hair is that it has a lot of bouncy and easily blows in the wind.

So what should you do if your hair is fine in texture?  Don’t stress. Your main goal should aways be the strength of your strands.  With that said, you can’t over conditioner fine hair because it can feel weighed down and limp very easily.  Treatments that are designed to add strength can also cause faster breakage too.

So yes, you do have to be quite careful with this hair type, don’t over do anything.  Keep your routine simple and stick to what works as if your life depends on it.


  1. Try finger combing instead of using a comb or a brush.
  2. Don’t use many different types of shampoos or conditioners.
  3. Stay away from excessive protein treatments.
  4. Eliminate typical shampoo treatments to the hair.
  5. Keep your styling aides to a minimum. Hair sprays and glosses and so forth only pile on and cause more damage to fine textured hair.
  6. Use a leave in treatment that is more water based and not too thick or heavy. Heavy hair care products weigh the hair down and cause fine textured hair to feel thinner and become more brittle over time.


If you’re dealing with fine textured hair, try to keep a lot of your styling to a minimum. Don’t overdo it. You don’t have the luxury as your sister with thick textured hair. Fine textured hair does grow very quickly, but it does involve sticking with a proven successful method.

If you do stick with your method, you’ll find that your hair will grow easily, without hindrance of chemicals, lots of silicones, lots of proteins, and all you really need is a very lightweight, water-based leave in treatment and pure water to rinse out the hair.

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