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Posted by on 01 04 13 in Black Hair Growth |

Relaxed Hair Vs. Natural Hair For Faster Growth

Relaxed Hair Vs. Natural Hair For Faster Growth


This is not a debate between natural or relaxed hair.  However you choose to wear your hair it is a personal choice that no one can make for you.  You can weigh the pros and cons or judge from personal experiences but ultimately how you wear your hair is a journey that is yours and yours alone to make.

If you are on the fence in deciding and need a bit of help, then this post will shred some light and help you in making the choice that suites you best.

Hair Growth Essentials…

1.)  One of the first things you must understand about growth is that it can’t be found in a particular hair style, a bottle or jar.  Accelerated growth starts and ends with the health of the hair.  Achieving healthy hair is paramount to not only achieving longer hair but  achieving more hair in as short a period of time.

2.)  The hair must be able to retain moisture.  Moisture is key in maintaining the health of the hair.  Piling on different conditioners or products don’t add the moisture that you need.  This idea if faulty.  As a matter of fact the more products you add to your hair the dryer it gets and the more it breaks.

3.)  Elasticity is necessary to maintain the integrity of your hair.  Anything which breaks down the elasticity of the strands will not only weaken the hair but cause considerable breakage.  The hair will seem full at the root but very thin in the ends.  Anything which strips the elasticity of the hair also strips away the hair’s ability to maintain moisture.

Comparing The Growth for Natural Vs. Relaxed Hair

Relaxed Hair – Relaxed hair would give the appearance of achieving length faster.  And, women often say, “Relaxers grow my hair.”  it isn’t that the relaxer is growing your hair.  Your hair is growing all the while but because it is straightened you get to actually see the length more when it is relaxed than when it is natural.

One disadvantage to relaxed hair is that in order to straighten the hair, the protein in the strands must be broken down.  In breaking down the hair looses a lot of its elasticity, which means maintaining strength is lost.  Moisture is also lost from the strands when the hair is relaxed.  This makes the hair brittle and causes it to break very easily.

The best way to grow your hair longer with a relaxer is to reduce the strength of the relaxer.  Also, you need to reduce the frequency of relaxers applications as much as possible. So, if you get it done every six weeks, try to have it done every two or three months.  That might seem like a long time, but this way you add less stress to your strands.

Relaxed hair also need more frequent treatments to keep it from breaking.  Styling products are only the beginning. To achieve length with relaxed hair you need an arsenal of hair treatments to add moisture and strength.  Finding the right balance is sometimes a bit hard to gage when your hair is relaxed.

Natural Hair – If you have never grown out your natural hair then it will take some courage.  There is a learning curve and styling the hair will be very different from when your hair was relaxed. While the hair is in the in between stages your styling options may be somewhat limited depending on how you like to wear your hair.

One big advantage to natural hair  is that it retains much more moisture than relaxed hair.  If you use the right ingredients you can go several days without needing to moisturize the hair.

Natural hair is less prone to breakage, because the protein in the strands have not been manipulated with chemicals.  Natural hair does still require some treatment but once a month is adequate to maintain the strength of the hair.

Some weakness of the strands happens with manipulation of the hair and just the effect of the elements, but its certainly not the same as the weakness that comes with the break down done by a chemical treatment. A monthly treatment is enough to re-balance the hair.

Shrinkage is a huge issue with natural hair and this is where many of you may assume that your hair grows slower while natural.  It does not matter what hair type you have, you will experience a lot of shrinkage.  But, that is not such a great issue when you learn how to style the hair and stretch out you curls.

In terms of Growth, natural hair would most often win over relaxed hair.  It breaks less, holds moisture longer and because it has not been tampered with chemically it remains in a healthier state.

Over all, which ever choice you make they both require some understanding of how to work with the hair.  How to feed the hair and what products work best in promoting the fastest growth.

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