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Posted by on 23 02 13 in Black Hair Growth |

Why Does Black Hair Break so Easily – 3 Things You Need to Know Now

Why Does Black Hair Break so Easily – 3 Things You Need to Know Now


 Whenever someone says that black hair does not grow I always say that this is totally untrue.  However one thing I know for sure is that black hair does break very easy.  The biggest problem for black women is in learning how to stop the breakage.

Sadily there are so very many things that do cause black hair to break that it can seem like a pretty daunting task to get on the healthy hair journey.  But thankfully if you know what you are doing to cause the breakage you can be on your way to healthy hair by omitting the key culprits which cause dramatic breakage.


Black Hair Requires Gentle Treatment
Heck, all hair requires gently treatment for that matter;  but because of the coily nature of black hair it is much more fragile at those bends where the hair coils causing more stress tension which causes the hair to snap easily.  One solution you may want to try is lightly relaxing the hair to release the tight coils.  You don’t have to relax the hair to an inch of its life as is most commonly done but you can release the texture a bit for more manageability.

Although relaxers can be very harsh on the hair you will find that a light texturizer will actually make it easy to grow out your hair only because it will have released the tight coils.  The less coily your hair the easier it is to manage.  With that said, I am not advocating that you give up on your natural hair if that is what you want to do.  Texturizing is a solution for those who find that breakage is excessive on their coily hair.

Lack of Moisture is a Major Concern for Black Hair – Your hair produces natural oils which runs down the hair strand lubricating the hair.  Unfortunately because black hair is coil the natural oils cannot get evenly distributed throughout the hair sufficiently enough to benefit the hair.  This is one reason black hair tends to get very dry.  It really requires an effort on your part to keep the strands hydrated.  When the hair is dry it is much more prone to breakage.  The more moisture the hair has the more flexible, the more elasticity it has and the less it snaps.  With that said, do not mistake all the heavy greases as a solution to adding moisture to your hair.  Actually that is the third cause of hair breakage on this list.

Bad Hair Products – Many if not all the products designed for black hair is just harsh and they compound the problem making it near impossible for black hair to grow healthy.  Many of those inferior products marketed as black hair care or black owned are actually not healthy in the least bit.  They don’t understand what black hair really needs.  They assume that black hair is hard or difficult to care for and requires heavy, caustic waxes and petroleum based products but those are the worst sort of products to use.

Black hair is quite soft like cotton.  It surprised most people when they realize that black hair is so super soft.  So naturally, soft fine hair would require soft refine products that are often not easy to find on the market.  Everything else only causes the hair to snap and break far too easily.

You can learn what you hair really needs and how to overcome the grow, break cycle that is common to black hair.  Would you like to learn how I finally grew my hair very long?  I thought I would never figure it out until I put it all together in one clear formula.